Foals 2016

Catan (20.02)
in training in the UK
Drogon (19.04)
in training with T Dascombe/GB
Fabriano (14.02)
M by Sinndar out of Four Roses
in training with R Varian/GB
Hemingway (19.02)
in training with S Smrczek/GER
M by Maxios out of La Reine Noir
in training with M Krebs/F
Zegna 16 (13.02)
M by Casamento out of Zegna
in training in Japan
Fragrance (19.04)
F by Siyouni out of Firedance
died as a yearling
Gaja (05.04)
Giannina  (30.01)
in training in France
Noelani (26.03)
F by Nayef out of Notre Dame